Our Web Hosting Features

You get all standard features that the hosting companies provide. Plus a personalised tailor-made solution.

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Modern technology

Modern technology, hardware, and connectivity. High speed multi-core high frequency Intel® Xeon® processors with high memory. Professionally configured and carefully managed installations and infrastructure. Continuous monitoring of servers.

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Server Software

CentOS®, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and more. Different versions of PHP, Ioncube loader, Nginx server, Optional installation of Docker container, NodeJS, and others.

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cPanel Control

The most user friendly cPanel website control panel. Maximum control on web hosting, web application and file transfer operations. Website traffic and analytics, spam protection, virus and spyware protection.

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Softaculous® Installer

One-click Installer for Content Management Systems, PHP, Perl and Javascript applications easily and quickly. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, AbanteCart, Magento, PrestaShop, SugarCRM, osTicket, and more

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USA datacenter

State of the art USA data center located in United States of America for best overall performance , high speed internet connectivity and excellent security.

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Less cluttered server

We only host a limited number of sites on each server. Therefore, the latency and low performance of shared hosting can be avoided to ensure the best web services.

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Flexible applications

Wide range of configuration options to suit different services. Latest software installation and update compatibility.

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Easy administration

Maximum control on web hosting, web application and file transfer operations, users, emails, domains, storage, software, SSL security.