How Your Domain Name Attracts Customers

How Your Domain Name Attracts Customers

One of the fastest ways of getting attention for your business in today’s world is to have a good online presence. And the first step to getting your business online is a good domain name.

Somehow, not enough emphasis has been placed on choosing a domain name that will attract the right customers, so let me expound on this topic with some tips that you can use right away for your next website or blog.

1. Choose A Descriptive Domain

What your website offers should be clear from the domain name. Don’t make your potential visitors guess at what they’ll find on your website.

  1. If your name is Lisa Barstow and you run a hair salon, get a domain like instead of Unless you already famous, or want to become famous, your own name isn’t the best option.

Also, shorter is better because it’s easier to remember. It’s also easier for them to type, with less chance of spelling mistakes.

2. Select A Keyword-Rich Domain Name

It’s becoming increasingly important for business owners to have their websites indexed and ranked well in search engines like, and If you have a keyword-rich domain name, you can greatly help solve this problem. The reason is simple: your potential customers search with specific keyword phrases to find what they need.

Taking the time to do some research to find your best keywords, and a domain that includes them, is important. Make sure it still meets the first criteria though – short and descriptive.

There are plenty of other things you’ll need to do to get good rankings in the search engines, but your domain name sets the foundation for everything else. Also, avoid using dashes in your domain even if it makes it easier to find a keyword-rich name. Hyphens are believed to hurt your rankings in some search engines.

3. Must A Domain Name End With .com?

Yes and no. You could use other extensions like .net, .biz or .info but it’s not the best choice. Everybody knows .com but if your site uses something else, you’re going to have to market it a lot harder to get the correct extension in people’s minds. And if someone else already has the .com version, they’ll probably get a lot of traffic from people looking for you.

Another reason is that when sending emails, customers automatically assume that every business ends with a .com extension and this can be devastating to your business if your customers’ emails continue to end.

If you’re setting up a website for specific types of organizations, a non-profit group for example which should use .org, the best way to go is to stick with .com.

Don’t rush into picking a domain name. Take the time to research your market and find keyword phrases that people actually search for. Websites such as Wordtracker and GoodKeywords can help you with this. Taking the time to plan correctly in the beginning will pay off well in the long term.

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